Introduce Your Research #Lingchat

#LINGCHAT Introduce Your ResearchWe’re starting up another great session of #Lingchat. There are new linguists and people interested in language joining Twitter all the time. So this week, let’s get to know each other and what we’re studying and interested in. Here are some questions to get us started:

  1. What is your current project/field of research?
  2. What’s something interesting or important you’ve learned in your field that you want everyone to know about?
  3. What’s a misconception about your field that you want to correct?

If you’re new to Twitter chats, welcome! We are doing a slow chat, which means anyone can post throughout the week that we are discussing the topic. To participate, just do the following:

  • Reply to one of the questions using Q1, Q2, or Q3 to start your tweet.
  • End your tweet with the #lingchat hashtag so that the conversation continues.

And that’s it!

The chat will begin 4 September and end roughly on 10 September. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

If you want to know what topics are coming next, check the calendar.


#Lingchat Fall 2017 Calendar

Using your suggestions and some of our own ideas, we have put together a calendar for this fall’s #lingchats. Since we’re trying out the #slowchat model again this fall, the chat will begin on Mondays and continue throughout the week. We’ll post questions periodically as reminders. You can check the website or calendar for information on the chat topics. If you have suggestions for the spring, let us know @dialmformara or @mjmaune on Twitter. Looking forward to some good chats!

Date Topic
9/5 Introducing our Research
9/18 Language and Gender
10/2 Uptalk
10/16 Language Creativity
10/30 Linguistics of Fear
11/13 Academic linguistics: Theoretical/Applied
11/27 Accent and Social Position
12/11 Diagramming Sentences

Political Discourse #Lingchat 25 October 8pm ET


The U.S. Presidential election has been making international headlines in large part because of the language being used in it. We’ll be taking on the topic linguistics of political discourse and exploring what research has found about the ways we use language to do politics. Dr. Annabelle Lukin of Macquarie University has published widely on political discourse and will be co-moderating the chat. Tweet your discussion questions in advance to the #lingchat hashtag or to @mjmaune, @dialmformara, or @annabellelukin. Suggested readings by Dr. Lukin are below.

Scholarly Publications

The meanings of “war”: From lexis to context

What do texts do? The context-construing work of news

Popular Publications

When will Labor get its own ‘infinite bottles of pop’ song?

A bigot’s ‘rights’ ignore how culture shapes our brains

In government, a mantra is not enough to control the narrative