Political Discourse #Lingchat 25 October 8pm ET


The U.S. Presidential election has been making international headlines in large part because of the language being used in it. We’ll be taking on the topic linguistics of political discourse and exploring what research has found about the ways we use language to do politics. Dr. Annabelle Lukin of Macquarie University has published widely on political discourse and will be co-moderating the chat. Tweet your discussion questions in advance to the #lingchat hashtag or to @mjmaune, @dialmformara, or @annabellelukin. Suggested readings by Dr. Lukin are below.

Scholarly Publications

The meanings of “war”: From lexis to context

What do texts do? The context-construing work of news

Popular Publications

When will Labor get its own ‘infinite bottles of pop’ song?

A bigot’s ‘rights’ ignore how culture shapes our brains

In government, a mantra is not enough to control the narrative

Speech Acts #Lingchat 26 July 2016 8pm ET

#Lingchat is returning to regularly scheduled, biweekly chats on every other Tuesday at 8pm ET. This week we’re discussing speech act theory with a newly minted MA and new #Lingchat moderator, Mara Katz (@DialMforMara). Tweet your discussion questions and suggestions at her. Below are some links to some suggested readings.

How to Do Things With Words, J.L. Austin

A Classification of Illocutionary Acts, John Searle